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A bunch of dedicated people.
Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for strategic planning of short term and long term collaborative goals, developing monitoring committees, and guiding the collaborative process toward the achievement of the BCF’s mission.

The Executive Committee consists of (2) Co-Chairs, (2) Vice Co-Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer, Past Chair, Youth Community Representative, Adult Community Representative, Senior Community Representative, Education Representative, Business Representative, Faith Based Representative, Fiduciary Representative (non-voting position), and Butler County Integrated Services Representative (non-voting position).  Additionally, the BCF Coordinator (non-voting position) attends all Executive Committee meetings.

2022 Executive Committee

Co-Chair Rebecca Clouse, Bulter Health Systems
Co-Chair Joshua Strelbicki, Children's Advocacy Center of Butler County

                 Fulfilled by Linda Thoma, Jean B. Purvis Community Health Center in 2023
Vice Co-Chair Kaeleen Martin, Victim Outreach Intervention Center
Vice Co-Chair Kortney McConnell, Family Pathways

                 Fulfilled by Scott "Howie" Dittman, Evig Solutions in 2023
Treasurer Janet Arida, Highmark Caring Place
Secretary Caitlin Painter, Community Member
Business Representative Cindy MacTaggart, State Farm Insurance
Education Representative
Karen Jack, Butler County Community College
                 Fulfilled by Tricia Pritchard, Butler County Community College in 2023
Faith Based Representative Bob Sherwin, Bethany Christian Services
Youth Community Representative Emily Snow, Early Learning Connections
Adult Community Representative Scott "Howie" Dittman, Helping Butler County and EVIG Solutions

                 Fulfilled by Ken Clowes, Butler County Community College in 2023
Senior Community Representative Lorna Gavin, Aging Gracefully
Fiduciary Representative Lena Southworth, Center for Community Resources
Butler County Integrated Services Representative Amanda Feltenberger, Butler County Human Services
Past Chair Mandy Geibel, Mental Health Association

                 Fulfilled by Joshua Strelbicki, Children's Advocacy Center of Butler County in 2023