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Building Stronger Individuals and Families
in Butler County, Together
The mission of the Butler Collaborative for Families is to build a unified and integrated network of services by using a multi-agency approach to break down barriers and strengthen the system of care for individuals and families of Butler County.  
Outdoor Family Day

The Butler Collaborative for Families fulfills this mission by:


  • Providing Networking Opportunities: To develop and enhance communication and collaboration among businesses, the criminal justice system, faith-based organizations, education, social service agencies, and the community.


  • Functioning as an Incubator: To provide opportunities and support for new ideas and programs that will enhance the community. Identify the needs of children, adolescents, adults, and families, and support initiatives that strengthen existing efforts and/or provide new opportunities. 

  • Mobilizing Resources: To leverage human and financial resources to support identified needs.

BCF and Membership Event Calendar

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